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How to Activate Your Free 30 Days of TrainingPeaks Premium

Congratulations on receiving 30 days of TrainingPeaks Premium! This page will walk you through the activation process and answer any questions you may have.

1. Login to TrainingPeaks with an existing Basic or Premium account
2. Visit
3. Choose "Buy It" using any duration (Annually, Quarterly, Monthly). Don't worry, you wont be charged

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4. After you apply your 80/20 plan to your TrainingPeaks calendar, the first day of your plan has a workout titled "Activate your 30 days of TrainingPeaks Premium." Enter the coupon code listed in that workout and Apply. Your Total will change to $0
5. Click Purchase and you're done! This will extend an existing Premium account or upgrade a Basic account for 30 additional days
6. Once your 30 days expires, be sure to check out our competitive TrainingPeaks subscription solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does this code add 30 days of TrainingPeaks Premium to my account?

A: If you are on a Basic account, you'll be upgraded to Premium for 30 days, then revert back to basic. If you are on a monthly, quarterly, or annual plan, 30 days will be added when your subscriptions ends.

Q: Will I be charged anything?

A: No. Adding the coupon code on the payment page will change the total to $0, and you will not be asked for any payment information.

Q: Can I used it more than once?

A: The coupon is only valid once per athlete across all 80/20 products purchased.

Q: I'm on a coach-paid Premium subscription, can I use this code?

A: The code is invalid for athletes on a coach-paid subscription, but will remain active until at least August 1, 2021 and can be used until that time if you switch from coach-paid to self-paid or Basic.

Q: Is TrainingPeaks Premium a requirement for the 80/20 plans?

A: No, you can execute an 80/20 plan successfully on Basic or Premium. Some features are limited with Basic, and many athletes find the training experience enhanced with Premium, but Premium is not required.

Q: Will I lose any data as I transition in and out of the free 30 days?

A: No, transitioning from Basic to Premium to Basic, or the extension of 30 days to your existing Premium plan will not remove any history or other data. The features includes with Premium will not longer be available if you revert to Basic, but data remains untouched.

Q: Is this one-time offer available with any 80/20 plan?

A: No, this offer is not available for 80/20 Free Sample, Free Strength Plug-in, Maintenance, and Form Focus plans.

Q: What if I still have questions?

A: Feel free to contact us!