80/20 Endurance Ambassador Program

Thank you for being an 80/20 Endurance Ambassador! We're lucky to have you. This page will provide you with the information you need to get off to a fast start as one of our valuable Ambassadors.


The primary platform for Ambassador support is the private Facebook page. You'll find David, Matt and Hanna and your ambassador peers ready to help.

You can also contact us at ambassador@8020endurance.com, but the Facebook group is recommended as your first point of contact.

While not required, please consider attaching your TrainingPeaks account to 80/20 Endurance here. This will allow us to quickly fulfill some of your Ambassador benefits.

Ambassador Tasks

It's simple! Share your 80/20 experience with your friends and family. Our request is that you share your 80/20 experience at least once a week on social media, our Forums, even one-on-one with a fellow athelte. We'd like you to be a supportive teammate across our social platforms by engaging with other athletes on our posts. Please add #8020endurance and/or #team8020 to your social media bios and posts, and feel free to use the 80/20 logos and branding (below) as you share your 80/20 experience.

We'll also provide you with regular tips on how to promote yourself and 80/20 Endurance.


Monthly group Ambassador meetings are currently scheduled for the first or second Monday of each month at 1000 EST, 1400 GMT. Registration is required, and you'll receive an invitation to register for each meeting. We recognize this time does not work for some of our international athletes, and we'll rotate the time occasionally to allow for more participation. These calls will be recorded and can be found here.

Affiliate Program

Be sure to take advantage of the 80/20 Endurance Affiliate Program, where you can share revenue from the sale of specific 80/20 Endurance products and services.

Forums Status

If you would like your 80/20 Forums status to be changed to Ambassador, please e-mail ambassador@8020endurance.com with your 80/20 Forums user ID.


For use in your social media posts and other content, you can access the 80/20 Endurance Logo Kit here.


Your Ambassador Benefits include:

  • 25% off all 80/20 Endurance plans, products, and subscriptions (use links below)
  • 15% off the Stryd power footpod (device only, does not apply to Stryd subscription)
  • 25% off ShoeCue
  • 25% off TrainingPeaks monthly and annual subscription (use links below)
  • 25% off Insidetracker

You will receive a separate e-mail with instructions on how to access these benefits and your individual coupon codes. These discounts are intended for you and you alone. For friends and family, please provide them with the coupon code 8020for15 for 15% off 80/20's portfolio of plans and subscriptions.

Please use the links below to receive the discounts provided with your individual coupon codes, and be sure to enter your coupon in the coupon code field at checkout (bottom right of checkout screen).