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80/20 Endurance Afflilate Program

The 80/20 Endurance Affiliate Program was created to reward advocates of the 80/20 method for assisting in our mission to help athletes achieve their goals. It's easy: you keep 15-20 percent of the revenue from sales of select 80/20 Endurance products sold through your affiliate link. Payments are instant, and with monthly 80/20 Subscriptions, you can even create monthly recurring revenue.

Step 1: Decide what you want to sell

You can sell one or all of the 80/20 Endurance Affiliate Products. At a minimum, we recommend the 80/20 Endurance Silver and Gold Subscriptions.

Step 2: Register to sell

Once you've decided which 80/20 Endurance products you want to sell, register to sell those products by clicking on the links below.

Step 3: Add affiliate links to your online presence

Add your unique affiliate links to your blogs, website, e-mail signature or social media sites.

Step 4: Get paid!

Payments are instant, and in the case of 80/20 Subscriptions, monthly. You'll get 15-20% of each transaction sold from your affiliate link.

Register to start selling an 80/20 product today!

Questions and Answers

Q: Exactly how much will I make for each sale?

A: Expand the table below for the specific retail price, and your affiliate commissions for each product

Q: What are 80/20 Bundles and Subscriptions?

A: See our Compare Options page for an understanding of what you are selling.

Q: Can I sell individual 80/20 plans?

A: No, at this time only Bundles and Subscription are available through the affiliate program.

Q: Do you have any collateral and copy I can use to sell?

A: Yes, see our respective Subscriptions and Bundles pages for copy, and feel free to duplicate what is there. You can also use our logo kit here. We'll build a an Affiliate media kit as the program matures.

Q: Do I need to support the athletes who buy the products?

A: No, 80/20 Endurance will manage the customer experience after the sale. However, the more engaged you are with your customers, the more likely they are to buy from you again.

Q: Do I have to register for each product individually?

A: Yes, but only the products you want to sell.

Q: What is my affiliate ID?

A: Whatever you want it to be! When you register with Thrivecart, you'll be asked to create a unique affiliate ID. Keep it short, but it can be any ID not already assigned in the Thrivecart system.

Q: Give me an example of what my affiliate ID and link would look like?

A: Sure. Let's say you register with Thrivecart  and choose an affiliate ID of 8223754. Your unique affiliate link for the 80/20 Gold subscription would be:

You'll then take your URL and place it in your blog, a button, an e-mail signature or social media. You don't need to try and figure out your unique affiliate links, they will be clearly listed in your Thrivecart account for you to copy and paste.

Q: Can I change the price or offer any discounts?

A: No. Nice try.

Q: Do I have to setup a Thrivecart Account?

A: Yes. At this time, Thrivecart is our official Affiliate partner.

Q: Is the payment instant?

A: Yes, you get paid via PayPal immediately and securely.

$ubscribe and $ave!

  • Access to over 600 plans
  • Library of 5,000+ workouts
  • TrainingPeaks Premium
  • An 80/20 Endurance Book


30 day money back guarentee

For as little as $2.32 USD per week, 80/20 Endurance Subscribers receive:

  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee