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The 80/20 Run and Bike Zones Garmin Apps can provide a more effective way to execute your workout by displaying 80/20-specific zone data on your compatible Garmin device. In partnership with developer Stefan Hornstein of Eho Systems, the 80/20 Run and Bike Zones apps present, in a single screen:

  • Your real-time 80/20 Zone (Zone 1-5) selectable by Power, Pace or Heart Rate
  • 80/20 Zone penetration
  • Current lap time
  • Workout time spent at Low and High intensities
  • Two 80/20 intensities at the same time (v2.0 edition)

Be sure to visit the Run and Bike app pages for full documentation and support, but below are some common questions.

Q: What problem does this app solve?
A: Because Garmin Connect does not allow for custom zones nor Pace-based zones, you can't see your current 80/20 Zone on a Garmin device. This app blends your real-time intensity with your custom 80/20 Zones into a single data screen.

Q: How is this app different than the data screen I see when using a TrainingPeaks structured workout?
A: This app does not modify the structured workout data screen imported into your Garmin device from TrainingPeaks. However, it can enhance your training experience by offering an additional screen that includes real-time intensity and your current 80/20 zone together, which the structured workout might not. One method would be to create a profile using the 80/20 Zones app as the only data screen, with the auto scroll feature enabled. Then, your workout will cycle between the structured workout screen and the 80/20 Zone app screen. You may find that the auto scroll is not necessary, and the 80/20 Zone app screen will be all you need as the structured workout takes you through the activity.

Q: Which Garmin devices is this app compatible with?
A: A list of compatible devices is available on the Run and Bike app pages and clicking on the Compatible Devices tab.

Q: My older Fenix 3 or Forerunner 920xt is not listed in the compatible devices. Is there a solution?
A: For older devices that are not on the compatibility list for the 80/20 Run and Bike Zones apps, we have developed three separate apps: the 80/20 HR Zones, 80/20 Pace Zones, and 80/20 Power Zones. Unlike the Bike and Run Zones apps, which embed all 3 intensity types into a single app, older devices require a separate apps for each intensity type.

Q: How do I set this app up on my Garmin device?
A: There are multiple ways to install a Garmin Connect App on your device, but here is an easy method to install and setup the 80/20 Zones app.

Step 1: Install the 80/20 Zones app on your Garmin device.

  • Be sure you have a Gamin Connect account
  • Install the Garmin Connect smartphone app on your phone
  • Add your Garmin device to the Garmin Connect app and ensure it can successfully sync
  • Load this web page on your smartphone and then click here for the Run app or here for the Bike app
  • Once on the app page, choose Download, accept any permissions, and confirm your device
  • Sync your Garmin device
  • Once sync'd, within the Garmin Connect app go to More-> Garmin Devices-> Choose the device you just sync'd-> Activities, Apps, & More-> Data Fields-> 80/20 Run (or Bike) Zones-> Settings
  • Select your preferred intensity type: Power, Pace, or Heart Rate and enter in your thresholds as identified in the documents Intensity Guidelines for Running or Intensity Guidelines for Triathlon
  • Save and Sync your Garmin device again

Step 2: Create a new Activity on your device that uses the 80/20 Zones App data screen. These steps vary by Garmin device.

  • On your Garmin device, go to Settings-> Activities and Apps-> Add (you don't have to add a new activity, you can add the data screen to an existing activity as well). Copy or create a new Run or Bike activity
  • Name the new activity 80/20 Run (or 80/20 Bike, or whatever you want!)
  • Choose Data Screens and edit the Layout to contain just 1 field
  • Edit that field and add the Connect IQ field 8020RunZones or 80/20BikeZones
  • Hit the Back button on your device and choose Done
  • Start an activity that uses the 80/20 Zone app!

Q: Can I use this app as a single data field as opposed to a dedicated data screen?
A: Yes, you could create a custom data screen that displays other data fields and includes the 80/20 Zones app as one of those fields, but in this case only the current 80/20 Zone (Zone 1, Zone 2, etc...) will be displayed.

Q: How do I change the app to display a different intensity type?
A: In the v2.0 app, just press the Start/Stop button twice rapidly.

Garmin connect

In legacy versions, Go back into the Garmin Connect app and choose More-> Garmin Devices-> (choose a device)-> Activities, Apps, & More-> Data Fields-> 80/20 Run (or Bike) Zones-> Settings and change the intensity type to what you want displayed.

Q: I set the 80/20 Run Zones app settings to display Power, but the app is displaying Pace. Why?
A: If you set the Run Zones app to display Power, but no running power meter is found, the app will default to Pace. This is usually because the running power meter, such as a Stryd, is paired to your device only as a footpod. To resolve this problem, pair the power meter both as a footpod AND again as a power meter to your device. You may find that turning off "store power data" in the app preferences will then prevent two power data streams from being recorded.

Q: What if I need more help?
A: This app is supported by Stefan Hornstein of Eho Systems.

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