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Action as Continuing Education

A note from Jim Vance:

As the sun sets on another summer, athletes find themselves nearing the end of their endurance sports season, signaling the impending arrival of the off-season. However, in the world of endurance sports, the concept of a complete “off-season” is something of a misnomer. Even during this supposed downtime, there remains a wealth of foundational work to be done, laying the groundwork for the forthcoming season and those beyond it.

For coaches, this period follows a somewhat similar trajectory. During the competitive season, their primary focus revolves around nurturing and enhancing their athletes’ performances. As the off-season rolls around, coaches shift their attention to areas that can bolster their knowledge base and business acumen, propelling them to the next level in their careers. Often, this downtime becomes a time for coaches to engage in continuing education, comprising extensive reading, meticulous review of athletes’ performance data, and enrollment in courses covering topics of personal interest.

Nevertheless, my perspective on continuing education has always deviated from the conventional approach. To me, it represents more than just a seasonal commitment to reading books or attending courses. Instead, it’s an ongoing, year-round process of refining one’s methodologies through active engagement.

Matt Fitzgerald, renowned for his work, including “80/20 Endurance,” is presently crafting a course that delves into the essence of mastering a sport and the pathways to achieving such mastery, whether as an athlete or coach. Undoubtedly, this course will outline actionable steps because, fundamentally, mastery is defined by action, not mere knowledge accumulation.

While knowledge is the foundation of becoming a successful coach, testing and trialing that knowledge is where the real growth happens. 

Within the 80/20 coaching community, our aim is to offer valuable insights into the processes that successful coaches employ. We believe in the power of learning from our peers within this community, recognizing that shared experiences and expertise are invaluable resources for those striving to reach the pinnacle of their coaching careers.

We look forward to this journey together with you. 

Jim Vance

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