her strategy: preparing mentally for race day

Mental Strategies for Race Day

By Matt Fitzgerald | November 6, 2017

When you wake up on race morning, you’re either physically prepared to achieve your goal or you’re not. There is…

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Letters to the Coaches: Two-a-Days

By Matt Fitzgerald | November 4, 2017

Hi David, I’ve recently purchased a 5k plan for trainingpeaks.com It’s the level 3 plan, so it contains some days…

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Letters to the Coaches: (Ironman Plan) Power vs. Heart Rate and More

By Matt Fitzgerald | November 3, 2017

Hi David I am looking at following the 80/20 ironman training plan (probably level 2) and have downloaded the free…

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Don’t Ever Be Satisfied

By Matt Fitzgerald | November 1, 2017

Arguably the greatest runner in history is an Ethiopian man named Haile Gebrselassie. He broke nearly 30 world records in…

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Get INTO Your Comfort Zone

By Matt Fitzgerald | November 1, 2017

The phrase “comfort zone” has mostly negative connotations. A comfort zone is generally understood to be a metaphorical place where…

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How to Know When You’re Training Too Much

By Matt Fitzgerald | September 14, 2017

Most people need to be pushed to exercise. Endurance athletes, however, are not most people. As a coach, I have…