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The Problem with Intensity

By Matt Fitzgerald | January 17, 2023

In endurance sports we toss around the word “intensity” as if this word had a clear, singular, and consensual definition.…

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Make Sure You’re Tired for Your Next Fitness Test

By Matt Fitzgerald | September 27, 2022

James Spragg is a young South African exercise physiologist who has carved out an interesting niche for his research. It…


Off-Season Training for 80/20 Athletes

By Matt Fitzgerald | October 18, 2021

Here in the northern hemisphere, the off-season is upon us, and athletes like you are figuring out how to train…

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When the Question Is Cycling Cadence, the Answer Is Nobody Knows

By Matt Fitzgerald | August 30, 2021

Every once in a while an athlete asks me why cadence is never prescribed in the cycling workouts included in…