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Is Impatience Holding You Back as An Athlete?

By Matt Fitzgerald | April 18, 2023

A while back I wrote a piece titled, “If It’s Not Hard, It’s Not Hard Enough.” In it, I addressed…

8020 Endurance Hero

Advancing in Another Direction: The Difference Between Retreat and Defeat

By Matt Fitzgerald | July 20, 2022

In late November 1950, at the height of the Korean War, United Nations troops under the command of Major General…

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What Does It Mean to Be an Injury-Prone Runner?

By Matt Fitzgerald | September 20, 2021

I’ve always considered myself an injury-prone runner. I used to half-jokingly say that I had suffered more running-related injuries than…

Starting over with running

Guidelines for Starting Over with Running

By Matt Fitzgerald | March 21, 2021

I’ve never seen more runners starting over than I have within the last year. Many, like me, have had to…

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It’s Only Pain

By Matt Fitzgerald | December 5, 2020

I’ve been learning a lot about pain lately. My sudden interest in the topic was sparked by the collaborative work…

Jamie Whitmore after injury

Repeat After Me: “I’m Injured and I Couldn’t Care Less”

By Matt Fitzgerald | August 17, 2020

Currently I’m reviewing the copyedited manuscript of my forthcoming book The Comeback Quotient: A Get-Real Guide to Building Mental Fitness…