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We know that busy coaches like you want to prescribe the best workouts for their athletes. This can be a time-consuming task. An 80/20 Endurance® Coaching Subscription offers coaches convenient access to commercial use of our ever-growing 80/20 Endurance® Workout Library directly within TrainingPeaks®. The extensive library includes over 5,000 structured workouts for running, cycling, swimming, mobility and strength sessions that you can utilize in your athletes' custom training plans.

For just $49 per month, an 80/20 Endurance® Coaching Subscription gives you access to the same workouts used in the best-selling training plans in the world. Designed by expert coaches, proven by successful athletes.

  • Access to the complete 5,000+ 80/20 Endurance® Structured Workout Library natively within TrainingPeaks® (and any new workouts as they are added)
  • Ability to use a variety of workouts in different intensity metrics for training plan design (Pace, Power, Heart Rate, RPE, Distance, Duration)
  • Permission to use 80/20 Endurance® structured workouts commercially in your coaching business
  • Early access to the 80/20 Endurance® Coaching Certification Course (coming in 2022)
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Cancel anytime
  • Running: Heart Rate, Pace, Power, RPE, Distance, Duration
  • Cycling: Heart, Power
  • Swimming: Pace
  • Premium Strength
  • Mobility
  • Core Strength

Running, Cycling and Swimming workout support the TrainingPeaks® structured workout format, which will automatically sync your athletes' daily workouts to their compatible device.

Q: So how does this work?
A: We'll share 11 workout libraries with you in TrainingPeaks®. You can then drag and drop those workouts conveniently to your athlete's calendar.

Q: What is the difference between the Coach Subscription and a Gold and Silver Subscription?
A: Our Gold and Silver athlete subscriptions are for personal use and include other individual benefits. The Coach Subscription allows for commercial use, and only includes the workout library.

Q: Does the Coach Subscription include access to 80/20 Endurance® plans?
A: No. While the Gold and Silver Subscriptions allow for the athlete to apply any 80/20 Endurance® plan to their calendar, the Coach subscription only allows for access to the workout library.

Q: Are the workouts available outside of TrainingPeaks®?
A: Sort of. We have a limited Free Workout Library as well, but it only includes a few hundred workouts, no structured workouts, and is rarely updated.

Q: Can the swim workouts be exported?
A: This is a limitation in TrainingPeaks® and at this time only Run and Bike workouts can be exported. However, you can still use the library to plan and schedule your athletes' swim training, and they can then use the Free Workout Library will export to their device.

Q: If the workouts are branded as 80/20 Endurance® won't I be advertising for you?
A: Yes

Q: And?
A: This as a partnership and franchise model. Your credibility as a coach improves when your athletes trust your content. 80/20 Endurance® is recognized as the most trusted and successful endurance training for all athlete types.

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