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Welcome to Cosmona Performance, where our mission is to empower runners through a blend of science-backed training and a deep commitment to systems and processes. My name is Kevin the heart and drive behind Cosmona Performance. My journey in athletics, culminating in a personal best marathon time of sub 2 hours and 33 minutes, has taught me the invaluable role that structured, systematic training plays in achieving one’s goals.

Beyond my life on the track, I am a chartered Quantity Surveyor, a role that has honed my skills in precision, planning, and efficiency. These skills translate seamlessly into my coaching, where I advocate for a methodical approach to running and personal development. As a husband and father of two, I understand the importance of balance and integrating running into a fulfilling life, rather than letting it overshadow other priorities.

At Cosmona Performance, we specialise in creating personalised training programs that are as unique as the individuals we coach. Our approach is rooted in a belief that success in running comes from a perfect blend of disciplined training plans, mental resilience, and a supportive community. We leverage the latest in running science, technology, and data analysis to ensure that every runner, regardless of their starting point, can achieve their personal best.

Our commitment to systems and processes means that we look beyond the surface, focusing on the intricate details of your training, recovery, and lifestyle to optimize your performance. Whether you’re a beginner eager to lace up your first pair of running shoes or a seasoned marathoner chasing a new personal record, Cosmona Performance is here to guide you through every step of your journey.

Join us, and let’s redefine what’s possible with a stride that’s smarter, a mindset that’s stronger, and a life that’s fuller.

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