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Michelle’s journey into the world of triathlons is a tale of inspiration, determination, and profound transformation. Embarking on her triathlon adventure in her early 40s, Michelle faced significant challenges: she hadn’t swum in over 20 years and struggled to run a single mile. Ignited by inspiration from her brother and an unwavering resolve to achieve her goals, she embraced the multifaceted challenge of triathlon. This bold decision marked the beginning of a journey that has been nothing short of transformational.

Residing in Orange County, California, she now offers her coaching services both locally and remotely, helping athletes discover their own paths to transformation and success.

Athletic Journey:
A lifelong athlete, Michelle’s early years were spent as a dedicated gym enthusiast and a competitive high school swimmer. This foundation paved the way for a remarkable resurgence into the world of sports in her 40s. She has participated in over 40 triathlon, swim, road cycling, and run races, securing 26 top 5 placements and completing an IRONMAN in an impressive 11:35 at the age of 46. Inspired by her mentor, Paul Deem, she took up track cycling in 2017 achieving several notable accomplishments:

2019: Gold, Silver, and Bronze medalist at the USA Cycling Masters Track Nationals.
2019: Silver in the SCNCA Elite Team Time Trial.
2018: Gold at the SCNCA Elite Track Championships and multiple medals at the SCNCA Master’s Track Championships.

Coaching Philosophy:
Michelle’s coaching philosophy is deeply influenced by her own journey of overcoming challenges and rediscovering her athletic potential. Having transitioned from a sedentary lifestyle to an accomplished triathlete, she embodies the essence of transformation and resilience. This personal evolution has equipped her with a unique understanding of the balance required to excel in a demanding sport while maintaining a fulfilling life.

Her journey, marked by overcoming obstacles such as broken bones and a hip replacement, has endowed her with a profound empathy towards the physical and emotional hurdles that athletes often encounter. Michelle’s approach to coaching goes beyond the physical aspects of training; it delves into nurturing the mental and emotional strength needed to surmount life’s unexpected challenges.

Believing firmly that hard work can coexist with enjoyment, Michelle creates a training environment that is as fun as it is rigorous. As a proud member of the Team Elite community, she places a strong emphasis on the joy of training and the holistic benefits of sport. Triathlon, in her view, is a vehicle for enhancing life, not just a platform for competition.

For Michelle, whether mentoring a novice or guiding a seasoned athlete, the key ingredients to success are consistency, patience, and finding joy in every step of the journey. Her coaching style is tailored to help athletes of all levels not only achieve their sporting goals but also to embrace the transformative power of triathlon in their lives.

Personalized Coaching:
Understanding that each athlete has unique needs and goals, Michelle works closely with her clients to develop customized goals and training plans. Whether you’re aiming to complete your first IRONMAN or striving for a podium finish, she tailors her approach to fit your lifestyle, ensuring a balance between family, friends, and career.

With a broad experience in various sports disciplines, including short and long-course triathlon, track cycling, road racing, and swimming, Michelle brings a wealth of knowledge and an innovative approach to training. She believes in the power of variety and fun to keep you engaged and motivated over the long term.

Join the Journey:
If you are looking for a coach who will support, challenge, and inspire you to reach your full potential, Michelle is ready to guide you on your triathlon journey. Contact her to discuss how she can help you achieve your athletic aspirations while maintaining a joyful and balanced life.

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