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Getting Started with 80/20 Training

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Thank you for choosing ShoeCue in combination with an 80/20 Endurance training plan. We want your training experience to be successful. To that end, we have created supporting documents to ensure that you get the most out of your training experience. We recommend that you review these documents in the following order:

  1. Getting started with ShoeCue, how to fit your ‘Cues.
  2. ShoeCue implementation guide, how to think about ShoeCue and when to implement them in your training.
  3. Understanding Your 80/20 Run Plan. This guide will teach you how to execute an 80/20 workout, introduce you to the 80/20 intensity zones, and includes a glossary of workout codes.
  4. Intensity Guidelines for Running. This document describes the multiple ways to measure intensity (Pace, Heart Rate, Power, and RPE), but more importantly, how you can identify your individual 80/20 intensity zones through a variety of field testing and the frequency of that testing.
  5. Understanding Your Structured Workout Plan. If you have an 80/20 structured workout plan on the TrainingPeaks platform, this is an essential step-by-step guide to setting up your plan and ensuring the intensity zones in TrainingPeaks are using the 80/20 system.
  6. You’ll find additional documentation on our Resources page that covers a variety of other training topics and best-practices.

Here are answers to some common questions we receive:

Q: How do I implement ShoeCue within my training program, and when and how often should I wear my ShoeCues?

A:  ShoeCue is a training tool to help give you real-time feedback so you can improve your running technique. Proper technique will make your movement more efficient and is critical for staying healthy as a runner in the long term. That being said, changing your movement will put new stress on certain muscles and tissues in your legs and feet, as such, you should gradually transition into wear ShoeCue on your longer and more intense runs while giving your body time to adapt to your new and improving movement patterns. Please check out our ShoeCue implementation training guide for more information on how to plan your ShoeCue transition.

Q: Why do the zones in the workout details and the zones in the workout description not match, or why do my zones look totally wrong in TrainingPeaks?

A: This issue is resolved by following the instructions in the document Understanding Your Structured Workout Plan. Until you specify and setup the 80/20 zones, TrainingPeaks uses default or previously defined zones which will not align to the 80/20 system.

Q: My pace (or power) and heart rate zones don’t line up. For example, when I’m in Zone 2 for pace I’m in Zone X for heart rate.

A: This issue is resolved by ensuring that you use the same testing protocol for each intensity type as outlined in the documents Intensity Guidelines for Running. By measuring Pace, Power, and HR in a single test, the three intensity types will align.

Q: Where and how often in the plan do I perform zone testing?

A: Testing is performed every rest week using the RT workouts. See the end of the documents Intensity Guidelines for Running.

Q: My race is really hilly (or hot, or off-road, or high altitude, etc). How do I adjust my training to prepare?

A: This is addressed in our document How to Adjust Your 80/20 Training Plan for a Specific Course or Conditions

Q: The predicted CTL or predicted TSS in my HR-based plan seems really off. Why?

A: This is addressed in the Q&A of the document Understanding Your Structured Workout Plan.

Q: I think I chose a plan that is too hard or too easy for me, can I switch?

A: Yes, please use the Contact Us form and choose the Level Guarantee when prompted. We’ll get you another level within the same running or triathlon race distance for free.

Q: What zone should I race in?

A: This is addressed in our Race Pacing guide.

Q: What do you recommend for race-day nutrition?

A: This is addressed in our 80/20 Nutrition guide.

Q: What about strength training?

A: We are strong proponents of strength training for endurance athletes, and offer both free and premium strength plans that plug directly into your 80/20 training plan.

Q: Who can I contact for help with my ShoeCue product?

A: Please contact

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