what if I was wrong at 80/20 training Philosophy

New Study Strikes Fatal Blow to 80/20 Training Philosophy

By Matt Fitzgerald | December 26, 2020

I am often asked if the 80/20 rule of intensity balance applies to athletes who train at very low volumes.…

Paula Radcliffe getting her longer weeks of training

Would Longer “Weeks” Make Your Training More Manageable?

By Matt Fitzgerald | September 28, 2020

Originating in ancient Samaria more than 4,000 years ago, the seven-day week has become a standard calendrical feature throughout the…

8020 Endurance Hero

Is There a Threshold of Training Volume Below Which an 80/20 Intensity Balance Is Not Optimal for Fitness Development?

By Matt Fitzgerald | October 21, 2019

The question that serves as the title of this article is one that comes up often in discussions of the…

8020 Endurance Hero

New Study Provides Further Evidence That How You Balance Different Intensities Matters More Than Anything Else You Do in Training

By Matt Fitzgerald | September 16, 2019

Unless you fell onto this blog through a trapdoor and you have no clue what you’re doing here, you know…

8020 Endurance Hero

How to Avoid the Moderate-Intensity Rut as a Trail Runner

By Matt Fitzgerald | May 29, 2018

Trail running is becoming more and more popular—statistics say so. But I don’t need statistics to know that increasing numbers…

Hierarchy of Endurance Training Needs by Stephen Seiler

Seiler’s Hierarchy of Endurance Training Needs

By Matt Fitzgerald | March 26, 2018

If I could clone myself a few times for the sake of taking different paths in life, I would definitely…