First Do No Harm

Dying to Run, Episode 3: “First Do No Harm”

By Matt Fitzgerald | March 22, 2024

Matt Fitzgerald has been a runner for almost his entire life, but his running days ended abruptly in 2020 when…

Starting over with running

Guidelines for Starting Over with Running

By Matt Fitzgerald | March 21, 2021

I’ve never seen more runners starting over than I have within the last year. Many, like me, have had to…

Sandor Iharos training

Why It’s Impossible for Your Training to Be Better Than “Good Enough”

By Matt Fitzgerald | January 23, 2021

I’m not a total science geek, but I do take an interest in certain scientific fields, including evolutionary biology. My…

Atlanta Marathon in 2020

2020 Was a Good Year

By Matt Fitzgerald | December 31, 2020

It’s hard to believe it was this year—January 21st, 2020, to be exact—that my mom came to stay with my…


In It for the Long Haul

By Matt Fitzgerald | December 1, 2020

In December 2011, Manhattan-based psychologist Bob Bergeron put the finishing touches on a book titled The Right Side of Forty:…

Matt Fitzgerald at the 2020 Atlanta Marathon

To What Extent Is It Possible to “Cram” for a Marathon?

By Matt Fitzgerald | April 27, 2020

We’re all familiar with the phenomenon of cramming. You fail to attend any of your American Civilization 101 classes or…