8020 Endurance Hero

Overcoming Stadephobia (Fear of Distance)

By Matt Fitzgerald | November 11, 2019

Stadephobia is not a real word. I just made it up. It combines the ancient Greek words stade, which was a…

8020 Endurance Hero

Introducing the 80/20 Workout Library

By Matt Fitzgerald | April 9, 2018

Unless you’ve been hermetically siloed within the endurance space for as long as you’ve been exercising, you’ve probably heard of…

8020 Endurance Hero

Why You Shouldn’t Choose a Training Plan Based on a Time Goal

By Matt Fitzgerald | February 26, 2018

If you’re like many other endurance athletes, you have probably followed a readymade training plan at one time or another.…

8020 Endurance Hero

Letters to the Coaches: Trouble Staying in Zone 1 HR

By Matt Fitzgerald | November 8, 2017

Hi Guys, I am planning buying 80/20 program (not sure in 1/2 marathon or marathon) but I want to prepare…