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No One Ever Regrets Attending a Running Camp

By Matt Fitzgerald | December 6, 2021

The first adult sports camp I participated in was a Multisport School of Champions event hosted in San Diego by…

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Free Sample Chapter of Matt Fitzgerald’s New Book Running the Dream

By Matt Fitzgerald | May 4, 2020

Here, for your free reading enjoyment, is the first chapter of Matt Fitzgerald’s book Running the Dream: One Summer Living,…

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Join Eliud Kipchoge and Me in Running a “Kamikaze Marathon” This Fall

By Matt Fitzgerald | May 27, 2019

Exercise scientists have two basic ways of measuring performance in their studies. One is a time trial, where subjects are…

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What Would Spock Do?

By Matt Fitzgerald | December 10, 2018

Lieutenant Commander Spock is one of the most iconic nonhuman (well, technically half-human) characters in television history. When I watched…

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Book Review: Inside a Marathon

By Matt Fitzgerald | November 26, 2018

On October 3, 2018, runnerworld.com published an article titled, “Galen Rupp: American Record Could Go Down in Chicago.” In its…

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I’ve Got Your 2019 New Year’s Resolution

By Matt Fitzgerald | November 19, 2018

I came home from my time with the Northern Arizona Elite professional running team last summer convinced that every serious…