Run, Write, Repeat

What Runners Can Learn from Writers (and Vice Versa)

By Matt Fitzgerald | February 7, 2024

A lot of runners are also writers. The most notable contemporary runner-writer, perhaps, is Haruki Murakami, the celebrated Japanese novelist.…

No Hope

Improve Your Mental Game with the One-Month “No Hope” Challenge!

By Matt Fitzgerald | February 21, 2021

I once coached a runner, let’s call him Kevin, who used the word “easy” more often than any athlete other…

Matt Laughing all the way to finish line

Laughing All the Way to the Finish Line

By Matt Fitzgerald | February 15, 2021

Dear Dr. Young, The good news is I have heart disease . . . These are the actual first words…


Why You Should Treat Negative Emotions Like Pain

By Matt Fitzgerald | December 19, 2020

Try not to react merely in the moment. Pull back from the situation. Take a wider view. Compose yourself. –Epictetus…


In It for the Long Haul

By Matt Fitzgerald | December 1, 2020

In December 2011, Manhattan-based psychologist Bob Bergeron put the finishing touches on a book titled The Right Side of Forty:…

challenge of an endurance athlete

The Solution to Every Type of Challenge an Endurance Athlete Might Face Can Be Summarized in Two Words: Get Real

By Matt Fitzgerald | November 22, 2020

Sports comebacks come in infinite varieties. They range in nature from falling down during a race, getting back up, and…