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1/2 Marathon Pace

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    Matt Fitzgerald

    A “typical” runner who completed a 20-minute time trial at 6:36 per mile would be expected to complete a 30-minute time trial at 6:45 per mile. Your 20:00 TT result is simply a better performance.


    I’m going to chime in just to give my understanding of the conversation so far and how I think this all works.

    The original 30 minute test was inaccurate and resulted in a TP that was too fast. It has been discarded for the more accurate 20 min. test.

    Winoria’s original 30 min. 6:59 run did not equal a 6:59 TP rather an undetermined slower TP.

    Winoria’s 6:38 20 min test resulted in a more accurate 6:59 TP which was actually an improvement from the 30 min. 6:59 run since it has been determined that the old 30 min. method falsely inflates you TP result.

    I think that’s what Matt has been saying.

    Matt Fitzgerald

    You nailed it!


    So did my RHM1 run two weeks out from my ‘race.’

    Did my distance in KM but didn’t change my Garmin laps from miles to KM so the data is a little screwed up. Still, I can see the pace I ran was around 8:20/mi during the 3K pace sections. The pace actually felt decent. Was beginning to feel a little fatigue by the end of the 3rd section. Heartrate never got out of Z2. My current TP is 8:09/mi..

    Based on this, any thoughts on potential HM pace in a couple weeks? Pretty sure my original thought of 8:40 is too slow but 8:20 might be a little quick.

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Your take seems right to me. Something in the neighborhood of 8:30/mile would be a good pace to target.


    Race Day.

    8:26 pace

    Pretty consistent lap pace the whole run. Negative split by 30 seconds. Overall quite happy with the result.

    Question is, now what? Still around a year before I’m likely to do my next HIM. Should I jump into the HIM maintenance plan for the next few months? I certainly want to keep building my base and not lose what I’ve gained till now.

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Congratulations! That’s great execution.

    You can do whatever the heck you want now! Taking a little downtime to recharge the ol’ batteries is your first order of business. After that, it all depends on what excites you. Personally, I always like to have some kind of race goal in front of me. But an extended maintenance training period is fine, too, if that’s more to your taste. This article may give you some helpful perspective on the matter:

    The Difference Between Athletic Development and Getting Fitter

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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