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2021-2022 Training Schedule

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    Hi all!

    I am doing the North Carolina 70.3 in October. Looking into next year’s schedule, I am tentatively planning on Chattanooga 70.3 on 5/22 and North Carolina again next October.

    The training plans would look like
    10/23/21 – complete North Carolina 70.3 2021
    1/10/22-5/22/22 – Training for Chattanooga 70.3
    6/12/22-10/22/22 Training for North Carolina 70.3

    Is this a reasonable schedule for the next 15 months? I would also like to spend some time in the off season building power on the bike if possible. This year is the first 70.3 I will complete following the 70.3 Level 2 program with the possibility to bump up to Level 3 next year.


    Matt Fitzgerald

    Your proposed schedule looks fine. Do you have any specific concerns about it?


    Thanks Coach Matt!

    I think the specific ask is if the off season over the winter will give me enough time to recover & also make any meaningful power gains before picking up again in January?

    A similar concern about recovery time between Chattanooga & starting on the plan for North Carolina again next year.

    Matt Fitzgerald

    That’s more than enough time, in both cases. There are many athletes just like you who race more often than you’re considering doing without any problem.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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