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2022 season plan

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    Hi there,

    I’m trying to plan out my 2022 season. My main A race is Ironman Tallinn on 6th August. I would like to do a marathon early in the year and at least one HIM.

    In terms of the marathon I was looking at Manchester marathon on 3rd April. In terms of planning that. I will probably buy the level 3 marathon pack and use that up to the marathon and throw some cross training in there as part of it. I will then use the Ironman Level 2 (which I own) and start on week 5 and skip week 7. Is that a sensible approach?

    Then I know the optimum time to do a HIM B race is week 16 of the plan. Annoyingly I would quite like to do the Staffordshire 70.3 but this is at the end of week 15, is there an easy way to make this work? Otherwise I will try and find a non-branded 70.3 to do the following week?

    Many thanks,



    Following. Struggling with the same. Though of doing the marathon at the end though.

    Matt Fitzgerald

    You’ll want to give yourself two weeks to recover from the marathon. Do nothing more than easy swimming and cycling in the first week and then slide into full triathlon base training in the second week. Then merge onto your Ironman plan in Week 7.

    Check out Chapter 8 go 80/20 TRIATHLON for detailed guidelines on how to use half-recovery weeks and semi-recovery weeks to make your IM 70.3 fit into your plan.


    Would you do a half recovery week for the week of 70.3 or a semi-recovery week?

    Matt Fitzgerald

    I would make Week 15 a half-recovery week and move the second half of Week 15 to Week 16, making that week a half-recovery week as well.


    Based on the above, I assume that starting a level 3 Marathon plan aiming at Hannover Marathon, April 3rd, followed by a FIM level 2 plan for Maastricht on August 14th, should be quite an easy transition, following the 2 weeks transition stated. Right?

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Assuming you are consistent in fitting in a bit of swimming and cycling throughout your marathon training, then yes.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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