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4 & 5 hour rides where IF >1

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    Everything that follows is on the basis that my power meter is accurate…

    I have been doing a lot of 4 plus hour road rides recently, nothing structured just blasting about, and my IF for the ride is consistently over 1.10, sometimes as high as 1.3. VI is usually about 1.30 and NP is always well above the FTP from my last test. There are no long coffee stops or anything, just ten minutes to refill bottles and so on.

    Is this an indication that the FTP I have set in TrainingPeaks is too low and it is time to reassess?


    Matt Fitzgerald

    Yes. By definition it is not possible to ride longer than one hour above an IF of 1.0. Short rests will increase this light slightly, but only slightly.


    Thanks Matt

    I haven’t tested for a while because I haven’t been doing anything structured, just riding a lot and having fun, sometimes picking workouts from the tri maintenance plan for runs and swims. I took a look at some of my data recently and was really surprised by what it suggested my FTP should be. Time to test I guess.


    While its a good chance your FTP has bumped up and you should do an FTP before your next structured training block. If the numbers seem too far fetched, I would double-check the following: If you’re using two different power meters (i.e. Trainer and Power Pedals), see if you can do a comparison on the same ride. Also, check your power meter is calibrated and your settings are correct.

    I have been personally thrown off switching between my trainer and power meter….but not in a good direction….turns out my trainer needed to be sent back.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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