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    I trained hard for a full IM. When it was inevitably cancelled I slacked off alittle bit but ended up doing a self supported half. I feel great until the 5- 5.5 hour mark then fall flat on my face. Tired, dizzy, naucous. Same happened last year at IMAC 70.3 (Where I ate less). Im drinking scratch as well as eating bars. It got hot on the run. Any suggestions

    David Warden


    Sorry to hear about your result. Let’s see if we can figure this out. If you can answer these questions I can start to come up with a theory.

    1. What is your pace, HR or Power threshold
    2. What was your average output on the bike (or better yet, share the workout with me in TP and I can view)
    3. What was your average output on the run (or share with me)
    4. What was your total calorie intake, and can you detail the timing and amounts.



    If you received my workouts, I was able to do it correctly. If not, I might need a walkthrough. The event was June 27th.

    I ate skratch bars (220 cal) and drank skratch hydration (120 cal) per bottle

    1 bar before with coffee on my drive over
    2 bars during bike
    2 bottles on bike plus water as thristy
    plain water on run.

    I was feeling excellent up until I was feeling miserable.

    David Warden


    Thanks for sharing your data.

    Poor performance in a 70.3 is almost always one of three things:
    1. Improper pacing on the bike
    2. Insufficient or inappropriate calories
    3. Insufficient or inconsistent training

    Let’s take a look at all 3:

    1. Your bike pacing was excellent. You average mid to upper Zone 2 for the bike ride. This is a conservative pace, and you certainly did not sabotage your run with an aggressive bike. Run pacing also was perfect, at least for the first 30 minutes.

    2. Nutrition might have contributed to this, particularly as your description of “felt great until I didn’t” matches running out of glycogen. Muscular fatigue typically onsets bit by bit, but running out of glycogen is like running out of gas, it’s immediate. You should be taking in at least 200 calories per hour on the bike, and you took in 226, so you are down near the minimum. Additionally, hot weather requires even more calories. No calories on the run is also an issue, you’ll want at least 100 calories per hour there as well. Possibly 200 calories short on the bike and 200 calories short on the run.

    3. You had great cycling workouts leading up to the event, your bike was ready. Your run was not, as it looks like you adopted an every-other-week long run approach instead of a weekly long run. Your training pattern was good, not great. You had strong training for the last few weeks of May, but the month of June was inconsistent with 70.3 training, and you really did not have a taper with 3 straight weeks of increasing, but low volume prior to the 70.3 week. A 4-hour ride one week before the event did not help your taper.

    In summary, you did great in training, and the points to improve would not necessarily sabotage your event. But, something did, and my best guess is a contamination of nutrition, training pattern and heat.



    David- thanks for the advice. I agree with your assessment. The uncertainty as my races approached led me to see-saw in motivation. Im going to take what you said an use it for my next race in September!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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