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7 weeks until 2nd Ironman.

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    I just finished my very first IM, Lake Placid last Sunday. I am please with my time 12:20. ( I suffered stomach cramps during the entire run so I’ll need to troubleshoot my nutrition.) I would like to pick up more speed in the bike and run as a goal for my next race in 7 weeks. How long should I wait til I resume. I feel great right now. And how should I train? I presume my base will still be pretty strong. Should I mix in more anaerobic weeks between now and then? Thanks for all your help in helping me achieve this goal.

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Congratulations on completing your first Ironman! It’s common to feel ready to get back on the horse before your body truly is ready, so take that into account. Here’s a generic template for milking your peak for seven weeks.

    Week 1: Rest
    Week 2: Light training
    Week 3: Base training
    Week 4: Mixed Training
    Week 5: Specific Training
    Week 6: Specific Training
    Week 7: Taper

    But you should listen to your body as you go and adjust as needed. Good luck!


    Thanks for getting back. Can I just pull individual weeks from my level 2 plan for this starting with week two (next week)

    Is there certain weeks that you would assign to each of those training phases you described?

    For example? In this order straight from the plain


    Matt Fitzgerald

    Yes, those are sensible choices. You might need to do a bit of smoothing to make them all hang together.


    I’d like to confirm that the week 21 is safe to do one week before the race 6hr bike 1 hr run. Feels like I accelerated quickly and don’t want to put myself in a bad spot. I start the longer stuff soon. Guess I just need some added confidence in this approach cheers

    Matt Fitzgerald

    One week is enough time to recover from that combination if you train very lightly the rest of the way. That being said, it also wouldn’t harm you to shorten your long ride if it makes you feel more comfortable.


    It feels do-able. Just feel like I might be the only person doing a long workout 6 days prior to race. Maybe I will swap this weeks long workout with next weeks to make it a tad shorter.

    I looked over the original plan and it has the CAE2/RF6 14 days out. I think I’m just second guessing everything at this point. Cheers

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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