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70.3 Level 2 for Strong Swimmer

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    I could use some insight and opinion. I have done several sprint and Olympics tris and decided to go for a HIM. I just started doing the level II 70.3 plan to meet this goal.

    I’m a very strong swimmer and regularly swam 4-5,000 yard sessions 2-3 times per week before training began. This plan has me doing three swims per week, the majority of which will not be very difficult for me.

    In order for more convenience and efficiency, is there a way that these three swims could be knocked down to two for a strong swimmer like myself? If so, should I just eliminate one? Combine it with another? Add a little bit more to the other two?

    I would probably use the extra time to do strength training as I would like to reserve 1 day per week for total rest (aside from some Yoga, etc.).

    I would welcome any opinions on best path forward here. Thanks!

    David Warden


    Your instincts are exactly right. Merge the two smallest swims into one large swim to change your weekly swims from 2 to 3. Just perform them back-to-back as-written, with the harder of the two swims first. Ideally, you would combine an easy swim with a hard swim, but two hard swims can be merged together as well.

    I feel like my answer was really short, but it’s that simple.



    So I have the opposite question. I’m currently not training for an HIM but will be doing another in the future. I too am a reasonably strong swimmer (sub 30 in my 50’s.)

    I realize that there are minimal time gains in the swim vs. bike/run which is why I am currently focused on running improvement. However, killing the swim will always be a priority for me, good or bad, in my overall result. When I do pick up the HIM plan, what’s the proper way to incorporate more swim training than the plan will likely call for.

    David Warden


    No reason you can’t add 30 minutes to any given swim session, or another full hour of swimming to the week. When you do, you’ll want to maintain 75/25 easy/hard by distance.

    For example, if you add another 30 minutes, you can do 600 easy, 4×100 Zone 4 on 0:30, 600 easy. If you are adding an hour, try 800 easy, 4×200 Zone 3 on 1:00, 800 easy.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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