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70.3 + Marathon Training

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    I will be starting the Level 1 70.3 training plan in two weeks. My goal race is IM 70.3 Texas in early April. I want to follow that up with a full marathon three weeks after. I have the Houston half marathon down as a B race in January.

    Should I switch to a marathon plan and then modify? I know it is recommended to replace recovery/foundation runs with a swim/bike; however, for a 70.3, I’m not sure if that swim/bike duration at zone 2 will adequately prepare me for their respective 70.3 disciplines.

    Any recommendations on how I should adjust/plan for my 2022 season?

    Matt Fitzgerald

    I think you’re better off following a 70.3 and extending the long runs. That should leave you plenty fit for your marathon, especially if you’re able to squeeze in a 20-miler and a longer marathon-pace run during the three weeks between races.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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