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    Hi, I have 6 weeks left on a 70.3 intermediate plan, and it’s going well. However, I’m about to spend the next month in Spain. How do I adjust the plan to take into account the heat, particularly as I am now into the brick sessions? How do I adjust the plan without it being detrimental to my fitness?


    You’ll be ok! Some of the ways I’ve managed heat are cooling sleeves (DeSoto wings are amazing), hydration (drip drop or liquid IV) hat, SUNSCREEN, cooling scarf, a solid nutrition plan.. Talk with a dietician to get your hydration dialed in. Look at when the day will be cooler to manage your schedule that way.

    You’ll get used to the heat faster than you think. Look up extreme weather athletes, their mantras helped me get through a 102 IM….


    You still follow the plan, just hydrate and be smart

    David Warden

    Training for the heat begins about 2 weeks before you enter that environment. About an hour a day of introducing deliberate heat training (overdressing, outdoor timing) for 10 days is enough to acclimate. Otherwise, the advise above and starting as early as possible in the day.

    However, if your 70.3 event will be hot, this is the time not to avoid, but embrace the heat to prepare. You don’t need to do the entire workout at the hottest part of the day, but may time it so that an hour is relatively warm.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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