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80/20 Run Zones App – Settings?

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    Hurrah, we are allowed out to exercise in Spain, so with my 80/20 Covid19 plan I’m setting up my Garmin with the 80/20 Run Zones Data Field and giving myself 2 weeks of maintenance running and then back onto a proper plan.

    The instructions say:

    For intensity metric that is displayed you can choose from heartrate, pace or power. Please set up your lactate threshold heartrate, functional training pace and/or power in the ConnectIQ app settings to get correct zone calculation.

    However, it seems either I’m bag on the default values – or the 80/20 Run Data field App has pulled them from TP – as they are the same!
    Can anyone confirm the settings are pulled from TP? If so – how do I push new changes i make in TP.

    Also I understand the App is geared towards helping with HR Lag, so when training in Z4 and your heart doesn’t get there, it will show the Zone you are in based on Pace – is that correct?

    I’m going to give up on the Stryd Pod and Power for now and go back to HR / Pace training, as its just not working with structured plans 🙁

    David Warden


    I perceive you are experiencing one of two issues:

    1. If you are setting up the 80/20 Run Zones App, this app is not connected to TrainignPeaks at all, it is an independent app setup separately from TP. Even if you have a Pace-based 80/20 plan, you have to setup the app to display Pace separately. See the instructions in the link above to do that.

    2. Or, maybe you are saying that your new zones are not being pushed to your device. If so this is addressed in our document Understanding Your TrainingPeaks Structured Workout Plan.

    Q: My thresholds recently changed, and I updated my 80/20 zones in TrainingPeaks using the instructions in this document. The workouts on my device still display the old zones. Why?

    A: Depending on the device, TrainingPeaks will sync up to several weeks of workouts at a time to Garmin Connect, Zwift, or Wahoo. Those workouts contain your custom 80/20 zones at the time the sync took place. Updating zones in TrainingPeaks does not trigger a new sync, so the old zones remain on your device. To force a new sync, the workouts must be removed and re-added using one of the following methods:

    – Use the Shift feature in the TrainingPeaks calendar (click on the triple horizontal lines found by hovering over a given day or week in the calendar and choose Shift) and shift your plan from today forward by one week. Wait for that change to reflect in the 3rd party calendar, then shift the workouts back to their original dates in TrainingPeaks.

    – Cut a given workout(s) off of the calendar, wait for that change to reflect in the 3rd party calendar, then paste the workouts back to their original dates in TrainingPeaks.

    – Unapply the entire plan in TrainingPeaks, wait for that change to reflect in the 3rd party calendar, then reapply the entire plan.

    These actions lead TrainingPeaks to consider the affected workouts to be “new” workouts and force a re-sync to the 3rd party, which then sends your updated zones to your device.

    If I have misunderstood, maybe send in a screenshot to confirm the issue.



    Thanks David,

    I was just confused that the setting matched (it seemed) my TrainingPeaks values 🙂 And wondered how!

    I’ve been running with the App today and its very easy to see – I like it!

    Does the IQ App help with HR Lag if doing high intensity intervals? I’m sure I read it did, but I’ve been reading so much about 8020 training I could be confused.

    I mean, if set to provide HR zone info, but if we are required to run in Z4 for 1min and we are unable to get our HR to that zone quick enough (I find it very difficult to elevate my HR above 171) does the app switch to Pace or Power zones which provide more instant metrics of these zones?

    Thanks again.

    David Warden

    Trickster, that is a brilliant idea for a feature: having the app switch from HR to Pace or Power once you hit, say, Zone 4. We’re not there yet, but it’s a great idea.

    You’ve encountered one of the drawbacks of using HR for training which we address in our document Understanding your 80/20 Run (or Triathlon) Plan, which I have included below for your convenience:

    When using heart rate to measure intensity, you’ll soon discover that your BMP takes 1-2 minutes to “catch up.” As a result, you’ll often not reach the heart rate target during very brief Zone 4 or 5 intervals. Pace and Power are more reliable methods to measure those high intensities. This issue can also be resolved by using the 80/20 Run and Bike Zones Garmin App, where you can have both real-time HR and your custom 80/20 Pace or Power zones displayed on your device at the same time.


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