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    Hey Matt, David and everyone,

    My question relates to planning the year/season. I participate in my unique sport as you are aware. My A race looks like getting canceled again. Trying to stay nimble is important. So looking ahead for next year 2022 i was looking at my races. There are very few races like the one i do whixh is multisport. I usually supplement running, ocean swim and paddling races throughout the year. These races however are only usually single discipline. Is this an okay strategy?

    Keep my multi-discipline as my A race with other single disciplines thrown in. Making sure i dont have too much time above the 20%. Also, setting a vitual race or practice race is another idea i had to train toward.

    Lastly, I can still do a multi-discilpine races but much shorter like 12mins in length not 4/5 hours. I realise training may need some modification?

    Confused Ben

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Hi Ben,

    If I were you I would participate in both single-sport race and shorter multisport races, of two reasons: 1) I like to race, and just 2-3 longer multisport races a year wouldn’t be enough for me, and 2) training for and participating in those other events can help you perform better in those longer multisport events.

    As far as planning goes, I recommend making your training more specific to whichever type of event is next. You’ll also need to be careful in manipulating your overall training load. You want to avoid treading water at one extreme and trying to keep getting fitter for two long at the other extreme. There are some ideas here that you might find helpful:

    Is “Peaking” Even Real? Or Necessary?


    Thanks so much Matt. Ill have a read and probably a number of questions too.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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