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A success story

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    Hi Matt

    I thought I would post a success story.

    A couple of weeks ago, I participated in the Canberra marathon (Australia) and achieved a goal of running sub 3 hours which is about 19 minutes better than my last official event 2019. This was even after what I thought was a poor taper week where I previously posted to you through this forum, and if you can recall, You mentioned forgetting the heart rate monitor! Thanks for that advice; it worked, sometimes we get hung up on technology!

    1. Achieved what I set out to achieve even through the diversity of the past week
    2. Been able to track race through this marathon training campaign
    3. Great endurance
    1. 2:59:54 PB
    2. Top 5 age group (135 people)
    3. 113 overall (1168 people)
    4. Hydration & fueling plan went to plan
    5. Happy with the strength training
    6. Indoor rowing in the cross-training sessions
    7. Body strong throughout the 18 weeks
    1. Review training schedule to see where improvements can be made
    2. Believe more running at planned marathon pace need to be scheduled so it feels natural

    Race Review
    Pace (Per Km)

    1. The range between 4:02 average pace (lap 8) 4:24 (lap 39) excluding the first lap due to crowds
    2. Happy with the consistency

    Pacing Splits

    1. Looking at splits over serval km was so consistent apart for the first split (crowds) and didn’t deteriorate in the back end of the race, which means excellent endurance.
    2. I didn’t feel that I was in total control with pace because watching the watch all the time to control the speed, I should be able to go into neutral ( turn the brain off) throughout the run

    I was using the 2020 Level 3 marathon plan, and great to see that the new plans incorporate more running at goal pace, so well done to review your plans.

    After having a couple of recovery weeks running half a dozen times, I went racing on the weekend on the track, competing in the 5000m, 1500, 800m and the 400m in my age group and medaling in the 5000 and the 1500m against my age group and achieved PB in the 5000m, 1500m, 800m. The best result was smashing my 5000m PB by over 30 secs (18:04).

    A question now for you, which threshold pace should I currently use? The marathon time of 2:59:54 gives a threshold pace of 3:58 using the 80/20 calculator, and my 5k time of 18:04 give me a 3:52, which is on a track.

    Now I’m looking forward to the next marathon in 9 weeks which I have programmed the Level 2 marathon plan starting at week nine, hopeful could go sub 2:58.


    David Warden

    Craig, what a great report! Thanks so much for sharing and congratulations on your multiple PBs. Sorry for the delayed reply, I think Matt did not see the question at the end of the report.

    When presented with two competing potential thresholds, use the faster of the two.



    Thanks for the response

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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