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Accessory muscles… including hip flexors

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    Hi all,
    Ran my first event yesterday at the tail end of week 12 of my first 80/20 program. Very pleased with effort but some things to work on became very apparent by mile 7 including my severely fatigued hip flexors… wondering what other accessory muscles I need to begin dedicating time to improving. Is there a write up on non-major muscle group work, my quads, hammys and calves are all getting hammered with the mileage and cross training but I need a run down of what to not overlook to improve as the year progresses.
    Thanks in advance for suggestions!

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Congratulations on your race. It’s normal to experience very high levels of local muscle fatigue when racing. The best way to address these limiters is just to get fitter. A good functional strength training program will help somewhat. The plans we offer cover all of the important muscle groups.


    Thanks Matt, is this covered in any of your books?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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