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Add/remove 80/20 Plan to end around race day

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    I am trying to accomplish too seemingly incompatible ideas in adding my 18-week 80/20 plan to TP. The frist idea was to add the plan so that it ended on race day. That worked flawlessly, but it created a dilemma for my support team, my wife. We like to go to our fitness club on Thursdays. She has a fitness class while I swim. However, if I add the 18-week plan to end on race day, May 29th, 2022, the workouts don’t align correctly. A swim day does not occur on Thursday.

    If I add the plan to end on Saturday, May 28th, the day before the actual race, then there is always a swim on Thursday. One benefit of doing this is that I would actually have a full rest day on Saturday, May 28th prior to the race on May 29th.

    My question, how advisable is it to end the training plan one day early? Are there any other modifications that would allow me to end the plan on the actual race day and always have a swim on Thursday’s? I would likely swim at the pool until sometime near the end of April and then begin lake swimmming. Thank you…


    It’s only one day. You’ll be fine. Flexibility is key to any training program.


    Just switch around your swims, make sure you don’t have several hard workouts in a row etc, so forth… Consistency is key here, if you need to switch some days around to accommodate life, that’s fine…


    1 day will not effect your race readiness at all. If it works for Thursdays, make the switch..if it is only a small amount of Thursday, switch those


    You’ll be just fine ending the plan on the 28th. I’d just make a slight adjustment to the last week. The pre-race workouts the two days before the race are really intended to acclimate you to the race course, make sure all your gear is working, and shake out your legs. You can add another day of rest or active recovery earlier that week to make up the difference.


    Great advice from the community there! Yes you will be fine with a rest day before race, or if you like to run the day before just to keep the body moving, then switch with having a rest day 2 days out.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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