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Adding jump rope and rowing to Maintenance or Strength

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    Hi All, New to 80/20 but I’m on the gold plan. I’m on maintenance for a couple more weeks then jumping in IM L0 (or L1 I don’t know how to check).

    I would like to substitute jump roping (and rowing) during the week and am not sure what to drop.

    Jump Rope: I’m doing > Z1 for sure but don’t know if dropping a run or bike and doing about the same time (or maybe 1/2 time since an hour of jumping is unrealistic).

    Rowing: Rowing is more legs than arms and shoulders so I’m not thinking that it can really replace a swim, I think that it’s more of a rowing replacement since it’s low impact and pretty steady state.

    I’m also doing a twice a week strength but they don’t really seem to fit in with that program.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

    Matt Fitzgerald

    May I ask WHY you want to include rope skipping and rowing in your Ironman training? I’m sure you have an excellent reason, but knowing it will help me offer better advice.

    What I can tell you know is that the 80/20 rule of intensity balance is meant to be applied across all aerobic training modalities. So, if you’re spending one hour per week skipping rope in Zone X or higher, that’s an hour less you’ll be able to spend swimming/cycling/running in Zone X or higher without impeding your overall fitness development.


    Thanks for the quick reply Matt.

    1: I like rowing and jumping rope.

    2: My IM is in October, that’s why my IM plan doesn’t start till May (I’m on Maintenance till then). That’s a long time from now, even if it really isn’t.

    So my real issue as you have noted is that I’m trying to limit my time in Zone X+ which means replacing something if I want to do another sport. My seat of the pants analysis (and btw I got the book yesterday, thx) is that I review the week and see where the alternate sports fit in. I’m thinking that since jumping is impact it make sense to replace a run.

    Note that this isn’t for every workout and not every week but it’s nice to have some changes.

    I haven’t asked where windsurfing fits in the program but the water is still cold so that’s a few weeks off :- )

    Thanks again for pondering

    Matt Fitzgerald

    I would consider rope skipping a substitute for high-intensity running and rowing a substitute for swimming of matched intensity.


    Thanks much. The rowing -> swim also helps when it’s impossible to get to the gym

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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