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Adjusting day of weekly long run

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    Hello 80/20 Community,
    I have a question with regard to moving the day of the weekly long run from Sunday to Wednesday.
    First, some background:

    I will be using the Half Marathon Level 2 Training Plan to prepare for the Des Plaines River Trail Race, held on October 17.

    I am working as a lifeguard this summer, with a variable shift schedule. On Sunday, I have a shift from 05:45-10:00. By the time I am out of there and ready to run it would probably be closer to 10:30 or even later if I eat. I much prefer to do my runs in the early morning/right after I eat breakfast. Monday-Friday I do not work in the early morning and any of those five days would work. Does anyone have a recommendation for which day to move the long run to, and how it would be best to adjust the training plan on Training Peaks?

    Finally, I will not be working as of mid-August, but rather will be studying in college. It might make sense to then move the long run back to Sunday with the college schedule. Any recommendations for how to go about doing that?

    Thank you for reading, and for your help.

    Matt Fitzgerald

    The simplest adjustment you can make is to shift the entire week. All of the workouts remain in their current order; you just pretend Monday is Friday, Tuesday is Saturday, etc.


    Thank you, Matt. That is indeed very simple.


    Hi. Sorry if this was answered already.

    I want to 1) move the Long run from Sunday to Saturday and 2) use Sunday as my day of rest.

    For 1) is there an easy way to do that in the training peaks mobile app?

    For 2) is it okay to use day after long run to either rest or do some light cross training (bike)?


    Matt Fitzgerald

    Hi Dan,

    The app is pretty cumbersome when it comes to making schedule alterations affecting the entire plan. It’s much easier using an internet browser on a PC.

    Regarding your second question, yes, it’s fine to do a light workout of some sort the day after a long run provided you’re still able to get enough recovery. Plenty of athletes train seven days most week and rest only as needed.

    Coach Matt



    It seems like all dcollins is trying to do is move the entire plan up a day. I prefer the same thing, rest day on Sunday instead of Monday. I simply started my level one HM plan a day earlier and then followed the plan. Similar to your first answer here.

    All that is needed is a little bit of thought around the last 2 weeks of the plan to migrate it to match the actual race day in a good fashion.

    You could delete the entire plan from TP and then re-add it to fit the desired day off schedule. Granted, you’d lose previous workout data in TP which wasn’t a big deal for me as I also had all my workouts saved in Garmin.


    Thanks Matt and BStarr!

    I used a browser. Very simple. I may change it a few times as schedule dictates, etc.

    Appreciate it!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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