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Adjusting Plan for B-Race

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    Hi, I’m hoping to get some advice on how to best work a half-marathon into my marathon level 1 training plan.

    For several reasons which I won’t delve into, the half that I am doing is not scheduled on a recovery week, which I know would be the most optimal. The race is on 8/22/21, which is the Sunday of week 10 of my plan.

    When I initially added it, I just replaced the long run that week with the race, but now looking at that week, I’m thinking it probably needs more modification so I’m not too fatigued from the week leading up to it?

    I believe the week originally was:
    M: Rest, Tu: RT43, W:RF26, Th:RF26, F:RVI1, Sa:RF26, Su: RL31

    As I said, I just swapped out RL31 for the race, but I would like to hear how you guys recommend approaching that week (and/or modifications to other weeks). I feel with my current fitness, I have a chance to PR that race if it goes well, so I want to put myself in the best position to do so. Obviously, I realize the main goal of this plan is to get me to my best for the marathon, so I don’t want to throw that off by mixing things up too much either!!

    Thanks for any advice!


    David Warden

    Ben since you are one of our 80/20 monthly subscribers, I have access to your calendar. Would you be OK if I just went in and adjusted your plan myself?

    In general, if your race does not fall on a rest week, we would just move the closest rest week to your race week. This means that you might have a 2 week or 4-week step cycle instead of a standard 3-week for a small period, but that’s a minor adjustment.

    For example, if the order was:

    – Week 7
    – Week 8
    – Week 9 (rest week)
    – Week 10 (race week)

    We would switch the weeks to be:
    – Week 7
    – Week 8
    – Week 10
    – Week 9 (rest and race week)

    HM on Aug 22 and full marathon on Oct 17, right? Give me the OK and I’ll make that change.



    David, That would be great if you could switch it around on training peaks for me! You have the dates for both races correct. Thanks!


    David Warden

    Ben, done. Week of Aug 22 is now a rest week.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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