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Adjusting plan to let Achilles recover

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    My ran too much and my Achilles became sore about 3 weeks ago. I’d like to restart the 9 week 5K running program right now, and I’m wondering how I could adjust the first few weeks to let my Achilles recover more. What if I substitute half of the runs with biking workouts for a couple of weeks?
    Thanks for any advice!

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Sorry to hear about your injury. You’d be wise to do only low-intensity runs the first 2-3 weeks and transfer all of the sessions with Zone X-5 work to the bike. If that goes well, try a Zone X run. If that goes well, try a Zone 3 run, and so forth until you’re comfortable opening up the full toolkit as far as running goes.


    I had a similar issue last year with sore Achilles and calves.
    What helped me to recover apart from adjusting my training was wearing compression sleeves (or socks) during my runs. I’m not a medical professional in any way but I had the feeling it helped in reducing the impact on the muscle & tendon during the run. Maybe something worth experimenting with for you as well 🙂


    Thank you very much!!!

    Marius T


    When I had a similar problem, what also helped was a eccentric exercices program.

    I fallowed the one that is first in the list

    My advice is to start very light and progress slow.



    This is very useful, thanks. I had a similar issue but worse in 2019, my first year running and did too much (the classic) too soon. I stopped running for 3 months.

    It returned a few weeks ago but I learned from my mistake and eased off before it got too bad. However, this time I’m doing the 80/20. I only seem to get pain/aching when I run in zone 1. If I’m in two or three, I’m ok. Is this usual please?

    Matt Fitzgerald

    What you describe would be highly unusual in the case of an Achilles tendon injury. So, my hunch is that your issue is not related to the Achilles.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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