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Adjusting training for “B” race

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    Hello 80/20 Endurance Community,

    My “A” race is the Des Plaines River Trail Half Marathon on October 17, for which I will use the Half Marathon Level 2 Training Plan. On August 7, there is a convenient and intriguing 10k race I would like to fit into my training schedule. However, it is not in a recovery or cutback week late in the training plan, as Matt advises races to be, but rather it is in week 5. I’m wondering if anyone (particularly Matt or David) have advice as to whether I can do this race comfortably with some adjustments to my training, or if I should just skip it.

    Thanks in advance,
    Luke Gregory

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    David Warden


    In your plan, the 10K will occur in Week 5. Although Week 6 is a rest week, the difference between Week 5 and 6 is only on of of running that early in the plan. Also, a 10K is not that disruptive to recovery.

    I recommend moving the Sunday ER12 to Wednesday, the Wednesday RF27 to Thursday, and the RDI5 is replaced with your 10K.



    Thank you very much for the prompt and helpful response, David.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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