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Advice About Maintenance Plan

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    Mike Murrow

    Thank you so much for the maintenance plan. A little background for context. Im 46 and started running maybe 9 months ago, mostly trails. I got up to 20-30 miles
    A week. No plan, I would just head out and run until I couldn’t any more, or needed to go home. My farthest run was about 16 miles. After a 50k I was training for was cancelled I figured I would try a real plan and found the maintenance plan. Ok, now to my question. I do body weight excercise on the weekdays (before SIP I was a powerlifter) and along with my runs. I crave more physical activity. Is there any harm in riding my aerodyne bike a few days a week along with running on the same days? The reason I ask is I’m gaining a bit of weight and fear I’m losing some fitness.

    Thanks again, sorry for the rambling question!

    David Warden

    Mike, thanks for checking in with us! Almost certainly no harm at all in adding your cycling. Be aware of two components:

    1. Monitor your cycling intensity so that you are maintaining close to the 80/20 ratio with this additional volume. Just think 12 minutes per additional hour of moderate to high intensity.

    2. More than 10 hours of training a week for more than 6 months starts to become too much, but a 1-2 week break occasionally will take care of that. This is more of an common issue for triathletes, so you’re probably OK.


    Mike Murrow

    Hi David,

    Thanks for a reply, and on the weekend no less!

    That’s great to hear. You confirmed my suspicions but I’m no expert here so I’m glad I asked. I read on another forum question that the plan, while low in milage, will increase someone’s base speed so I didn’t want to just bump up the length of the runs. Being able to add in 12min/1hr low intensity/high intensity on the stationary bike is great.

    Thanks again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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