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Advice when life gets in your way – how to adjust for new goals

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    Hi David,

    I direct my question to you but if anybody else knows or has advice on how to ideally make thing work I certainly would appreciate that.
    Here is my situation:
    – I was on HIM Level 3 and raced on 6/27 with decent success.
    – following the HIM I took it very easy for about 10 days to fully recover.
    – my plan was to race 70.3 Florida in December and I started training with Level 3 again but due to time constraints I had to move to Level 2.
    – Now life got in my way as I will have to move for my job (long distance move from Wisconsin to Central NY) and I will be unable to focus on training, job and move. I decided to ditch the 70.3 Florida and focus on next year instead.
    – as I’m a somewhat weird person (I guess we all are in a way) I noticed that I never ran any race in Milwaukee and signed up for a 10k for this coming Sunday just to have a Milwaukee race under my belt before I move out of state 🙂

    My target for next year is to race 70.3 Musselman on July 10th 2022 as this will be a home game for me. Counting backwards from July 10th 2022 and planning on using the Level 3 plan again, my training would start the week of February 14th 2022.

    Now the question: what to do between now and then?
    The maintenance plan is only 12 weeks and would get me from today to November 21st 2021. That would leave a gap of 12 weeks between the maintenance plan and the start of the 70.3 level 3 plan.
    Can I simply repeat the last 6 weeks of the maintenance plan and do the first 6 weeks of the Level 3 plan twice? Other/better thoughts and ideas?

    Thanks for your help!


    thoughts anyone?

    David Warden


    Sorry for the delay.

    Until now, we only had the Maintenance plans as a one-size-fits-all solution to bridge the gap between formal plans. We’ve just introduced 5 new plan series (72 plans total covering al levels and intensity types):

    – Racing Weight for Running and Triathlon
    – Run Faster
    – Build Run Endurance
    – Starting Out/Starting Over

    So, now you have multiple options to build your perfect “off season” plan. It can be a combination of the Maintenance plan for a few weeks, maybe a 6 or 7 week plan as well… and now it can be more customized to you strengths and weaknesses.

    For you I recommend one of the Run Faster or Run Endurance plans (you decide you weakness), followed by the Maintenance plan and no repeat of the first part of the 70.3 plan.

    This may sound like I’m just wanting you to spend more money, which is of course why we offered the plans. But we saw there was a demand to fill that the Maintenance plans alone were not completely solving.

    See the categories Goal-Focused plans and Racing Weight Plans at



    Thanks David. I didn’t realize that there were new plans 🙂
    I like the racing weight one a lot. Great idea!
    If I would do the running (faster), how would I maintain my bike and swim?
    What’s your recommendation there?


    What I actually wonder, after looking through the new plans, would it be advisable to replace all runs of the maintenance plan with the runs from the “running faster” plan? E.g.: load the maintenance plan, delete all runs of the first 7 weeks. Then load the “run faster” plan with the same starting date?

    David Warden

    winoria, we haven’t made a “hard” launch yet of the plans, so no one really knows about them yet.

    You can maintain your swim and bike via the instructions in our Cross Training section of the Understanding your 80/20 Run Plan document. Additionally, at just 7 weeks long, the Faster plan can afford a temporary focus on just the run.

    Er, I’m not ready to endorse the idea of replacing the run faster workouts within the Maintenance plan, as there are far more runs per week in the Faster plan than the Tri Maintenance plan. It might work, but I’d prefer the Cross Training method instead.


    David Warden


    Good question, TP does not display any changes to a plan by the author until the plan is unloaded and reloaded onto the athlete calendar. I’m ~2 months out from making this change anyway, it’s an important fix, but there are some others we want to make first.



    Hi David,

    I’m a good customer and bought the plans LMAO…
    Of course I come up with questions:
    The “run faster” plan (I decided for Level 2 b/c I think L3 is too much follwing a L3 70.3?) made me look for races that would be around the finish date of the plan (I want to see if the plan works right)?
    There is a race (Mountain Goat Syracuse – 10 Miler) that I would want to run. That is on 10/24 and therefore in 5 weeks from now. Would you think it is ok to skip the first week of the plan to have the plan finish with the race on 10/24 and run the race instead of the RFF58?
    After the “run faster” I would switch to the Triathlon maintenance plan (I would start that one in week 3 I think – so a total of 10 weeks instead of 12) followed by the “Racing Weight Triathlon Plan”.
    After the 6 weeks of racing weight plan I would kick off my 70.3 Level 3 plan for the Musselman in July.

    Is that a decent plan you think?

    As always, your thoughts and comments are highly appreciated.


    David Warden

    Winoria, unlike our main plan, the Run Faster plans have no taper. So, if you 10 miler is part of the plan, that’s fine, but you won’t be tapered for any event with the Run Faster plans. You’ll be somewhat fatigued going into that race. It’s not a bad idea, just setting expectations.

    If you want to taper for the 10 mile event, you’d want to end the Run Faster at least a week before and then borrow a taper from another 80/20 plan.

    Switching to the Maintenance plan for a short while is a great idea after the race to transition into your next season.


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