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    I’m feeling like I need a nap in the middle of the day this week. I’m on week 7 and just finished up a rest week last week. Is this normal? Should I power through? I’ve been doing my workouts in the lower end of each zone this week. My fatigue in TP was 72 last week and currently at 78. I want to avoid getting to burnt out. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you!

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    If it’s just this week, and you were able to carry on the plan in those zones (zone 2 is zone 2, no matter where it lands)- I’de probably consider any other number of factors that contribute to fatigue – sleep, stress, work stress, pandemic stress, potential civil war 3 stress, nutrition, age, recovery – etc.,

    I personally don’t put a ton of hold into what TP says your fatigue level is -In fact, I ignore it completely because it doesn’t really give a whole picture of life – Sometimes I feel like too much data is a bad thing – esp when you should really be in tune with how your body is telling you feel- not an algorithm that only takes into account your training, and no other life stressors… do you really need one more thing telling you how you should feel?

    I would have concerns with any training regime that leaves you feeling fresh as a daisy every day. That probably means the plan isn’t challenging. If the fatigue lasts longer than a week – I would probably reach out to a dietician to help discover potential other fatigue factors (iron deficiencies, protein vs. carb ration etc.,) and also really evaluate how you are sleeping, along with stress factors outside of training. I’m not a coach, but have been an endurance athlete for over 20 years, so take what I say with a grain of salt.


    Also, you don’t mention your level of experience, or what plan you are on which would likely have an impact – I did have the fatigue issue several months ago – wondering the same thing – you can see what David’s response was to me to see if it helps you…

    topic link :

    David Warden

    M, Also consider reviewing our document which may explain why your TSB is so low. Negative 75 is unheard of, I’d bail at negative 40, but I suspect that the PMC is not updated, and that document will help get it right.

    Regardless of what the PMC says, if you are struggling to get through the day for more than a week, a change is needed. Either drop to a lower level, or discontinue any intensity (Just Zone 1-2) until you recover.



    @divitocwpsbc-org – Thank you for that reply and for sharing your previous post. I find that extremely interesting. My plan is 2022 Edition Olympic Level 3 (Pace and Power, 7 to 13 Hours per Week).

    After going at the lowest possible end of each zone for 3 days I was able to bounce back. I also have a very demanding work schedule and have definitely been under stress at work. I am very experienced but question myself still. I experienced burnout before and do not want to go there again. I find the 80/20 plan is working out really well for me.

    What is it that they look for in the blood test? Low red cell count? I just had my routine blood work done and am waiting for results. Should be interesting. I always have my DR check my ferritin levels as well.

    Not sure what Dave was referring to when he mentioned negative 75 in his reply. But my post does not say that. Regardless I also read his link to the PMC. Thanks Dave!

    David Warden


    Glad to hear you’re doing better! The blood work is a good idea, but routine blood work does not capture athlete specific markers. If you do blood work use an athlete specific test like Inside Tracker You’ll want not only iron but hemoglobin hematocrit, testosterone and more.

    You mentioned your fatigue (TSB) was -72, that’s where I got that from.


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