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All Races Canceled – Rebuilding the Annual Plan

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    COVID-19 had closed out the year. ALL of my planned races this year have been cancelled this past week.

    I want to rebuild my annual plan to target on a race next year. I have completed the 5k, 10k and 1/2 Marathon 80/20 plans and I am currently following (learning) the Stride Academy plan. My best segment to date has been the Level II 10k plan.

    Targeting a 10K race in April 2021, does it make any sense to cascade 80/20 plans to prepare; e.g. finish Stride Academy, do a Level II 1/2 Marathon Segment, Maintenance Segment, Stride Academy Segment, followed by a Level III 10k segment? Or, some other combination?

    David Warden


    So sorry to hear about your entire season. I’m really looking forward to next year for myself and all our athletes.

    In terms of the order, the challenge is that there are so many possible and helpful combinations. With 40 weeks left between now and mid-April, you have an open canvas. Your plan order is as good as any I can come up with.

    If we added up your proposed order, it would equal about 45 weeks, so something needs to give. I’d drop the second Stride Academy plan.




    Thank you for the feedback (and doing the math). Four years in, and you never disappoint…

    I am seeing the benefits to the stride academy already, it addresses what are my weak links. I am still struggling with executing the workouts properly and will want to continue until I master the workouts. From what I have seen so far I should be able to easily substitute shoe cue and cadence workouts into the other plans.

    Strides and Drills is the exception – I’m thinking they should replace one of the strength workouts each week during the build segments of the plans; is that a normal integration?


    Matt Fitzgerald

    Hi Charles,

    I do not recommend replacing strength training with drills and strides during race-focused training. The best places to incorporate drills and strides are 1) at the end of your warm-up for high-intensity (Zone 4-5) workouts and 2) after an easy run the day before a high-intensity workout. That’s what the pros do!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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