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Are pace/power/hr plans all the same.

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    I’m under the impression that all of the plans are the same whether they are pace based, hr based or power based. They simply show the appropriate metric for what plan type they are. In other words a running pace plan is identical to a running power plan except you are guided by pace rather than power. Is this correct?

    David Warden

    B, That is exactly correct. The duration and intensity of every workouts is exactly the same, the only difference is how the intensity targets are delivered to your device by default: Speed, bpm, or watts.

    Remember, even if you have the HR plan, for example, you can train by Pace or Power at any time. If the workouts calls for “Zone 2” and your device says “141-159bpm” you can ignore the device and cruise at your Zone 2 Pace of 8:25-9:50 per mile.

    The intensity type is just a convenience, not a requirement.



    Yes with a caveat. The percentages are different for the different metrics in reference to the range The workouts are exactly the sane zones.

    Zone 1 for pace for example is 60-76% of lactate Threshold pace.

    Zone 1 for power is 50-70% of FTP

    Zone 1 for HR is 72-81% of LTHR

    That’s just the difference in how the zones are calculated though.

    In all other aspects, they are exactly identical along the same level and style.

    Level 1 Half Marathon is the same for all 3 metrics..

    Level 1 and Level 2 though are different.

    David Warden

    RunRev said it better than me!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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