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Avg Power vs Normalized Power

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    Recently got a power meter for my road cycling so there is a steep learning curve I am currently in. In analyzing rides after the fact, which should I be more concerned with regard to staying in 8020 zones, Avg Power or Normalized Power? Most of my casual road rides are Zone 1 by Average Power but Zone 2 by Normalized. I know the actual make up of the ride is the more important aspect and that I stay in zone, but some of these supposed-zone-1 rides didn’t feel like zone 1 so I’m inclined to believe the nPower normal more in total instead.

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Moment-to-moment power is all that matters from an execution standpoint. Normalized power is a more accurate representation of training stress than average power.


    Makes sense, thanks. Incidentally, for the 8020 Cycling Power CIQ data field, is there smoothing applied to the display? I was trying to use the Garmin Power field and it was limited to real-time-power only and the value was too jumpy to be useful. I’ve got a new FTP result and I’d rather use the 8020 field especially if it’s smoothed to 3sec or more.


    Sorry, nevermind that last question. I just reviewed the CIQ app details again and there is an option to smooth the display from anywhere 1 to 30 sec. Pretty neat.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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