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B Race Event on Saturday

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    Hi Dave,

    I’ve just started my 18 weeks journey to my first Marathon on Level 1 training plan. Thank you for all the previous responses in this forum that helped me with proper understanding of zones and plans, they provided me invaluable help.

    I also want to include Half Marathon on week 15 as recommended in Planning Your Race Season – https://www.8020endurance.com/planning-your-race-season/

    The problem is that this race happens on Saturday instead of Sunday. So I cannot replace RLMS workout (and frankly I do not want to replace it as it’s falling into RRe5 Saturday training.

    How it’s better to tailor this week?
    Mon – Rest
    Tue – RT2
    Wed – RRe5
    Thu – RF5
    Fri – RMI1
    Sat – RRe5 (actual Half-Marathon day)
    Sun – RLMS

    Shall weeks before and after needs to be tailored as well? Or shall I move RLMS, as it’s the longest one, to week 14 or week 16 replacing RLSP2 or RLFF5 workouts?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Wow, I see that plans been updated. Now it suggest following for week 15:
    Mon – Rest
    Tue – RFR43
    Wed – RF26
    Thu – RF26
    Fri – RHR46
    Sat – RF26
    Sun – RL29

    Shall I change this week to:
    Mon – Rest
    Tue – RFR43
    Wed – RF26
    Thu – Rest
    Fri – RF26
    Sat – Race
    Sun – Rest

    And continue week 16 as per plan?

    I’m using your suggestion on following post – https://www.8020endurance.com/topic/race-on-saturday/

    David Warden


    We indeed are in the process of updating the half marathon Pace-based plans. Looks like you loaded the plan just after that update. We’re excited to announce these new plans soon, but want to wait until the Power and HR versions are complete.

    You’re proposal is exactly right, with one change. Cut the Friday RF26 to just 25 minutes.


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    Hi David,

    I was moving workouts here and there, forgot what was where and decided to reload plan. And suddenly seen all the new workouts. It’s fantastic that you continuously update and improve them.
    And thank you very much for an answer to the question. Your support is very important.

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