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B race on non long run day during Build week of L1 Marathon plan

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    Just wanted to start by saying how obsessed I am with my training plan!!
    I am about to enter week 10 of my L1 marathon training plan for my (Sunday November 21st) Marathon. On week 11 I have a half marathon scheduled for Saturday, October 2nd. I was wondering how I should adjust my training to account for the fact that I’m running a B race on a build week and I’m running my long run a day early? The long run for that week was scheduled to be 14.3 miles and I was wondering if I needed to a) run an extra 1.2 miles after the half marathon and b) change how I’m running the RA1 that is currently scheduled for the day before the half marathon?

    Many thanks!

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Hi Jordan,

    Skipp the acceleration run and do a short foundation run instead, plus a few strides. Don’t worry about the discrepancy in distance between the half marathon and the long run you’re replacing it with. Races and workouts are apples and oranges. Though you certainly should warm up for the race, and if you do you’ll end up close to 14.3 miles anyway. Take Sunday off, do some light activity on Monday (walking, hiking, easy cycling), and resume the schedule Tuesday.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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