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Beginner olympic plan

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    Doing the olympic beginner training plan. Its 16 weeks total.

    I have 4 weeks to go to my race. The first brick workout is this upcoming tuesday. But I’m unable to do a brick with my road bike logistically on Tuesday.

    I could do the brick in the gym with a stationary bike and treadmill.


    I could swap my Sunday long bike ride, for the brick workout, because I could do the brick on sunday on my road bike.

    The plan says do the brick workouts with the same equipment your racing in. So which should I do?

    David Warden


    You’ll note the comment on that workout is “this workout is generally done with the same nutrition, gear, equipment, and apparel expected to be used on race day.”

    It’s not a requirement to do it on your road bike, but recommended. The gym option is a great alternative. However, in your plan the brick workouts take place mid week every week, so I expect that if you can’t do the brick this Tuesday, you can’t do it any week-day and you do need to get some time doing a race simulation.

    So, you are correct that the next best option is to swap the week-end ride with the brick. This is a great solution.



    Thanks David. I actually figured out my brick workout. I brought a lock and locked the bike to a fence, and then I ran where I could mostly keep the bike in my eyesight, so very short laps but it all worked. Also had to keep running shoes in a bag over my shoulder. But wasn’t an issue at all. So I figured the bricks out, yes I did see that it should be same nutrition, gear and equipment so that’s what I did.

    PUMPED and ready for my first Olympic.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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