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Bike Crosstraining

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    Quick question after reading the 80/20 Running book. I have figured out my LTHR Heart Rate running zones. I also have my Bike FTP Data.

    I am trying to do cross training aggressively by Biking more because of my running injury. I read that I should just convert the intensity and duration exactly from the run plan to the bike. My Q is:

    Can I use the bike FTP and plug it into the 80/20 zone calculator and do the Zones conversion there? And should i also follow the duration too?

    Foundation Run 2 is 5 minutes Run in HRZone 1. 15 minutes Run in HRZone 2. 5 minutes Run in HRZone 1


    5 minutes Bike in PowerZone 1. 15 minutes Bike in PowerZone 2. 5 minutes Bike in PowerZone 1

    Doesnt this seem abit too low intensity in terms of duration?

    David Warden


    This is exactly correct. Use the online 80/20 Zone Calculator to determine your cycling zones from your bike FTP, then you can plug in a bike workout when a cross-training session is provided as an option in your plan.

    To take it one step further, you can also increase the duration of the cycling sessions if you can monitor the impact it has on your 80/20 ratios. For example, if the workout calls for a 45-minute cross train session, you could do a 45-minute Zone 1-2 bike workout OR you could increase it to 1.5 hours, and sprinkle in some intensity into that additional 45 minutes (approximately 10 minutes of that additional 45) to maintain the 80/20 ratios.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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