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Bike HR Plan on Zwift

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    I have tried looking through the forum to see if this question had been answered before, but I couldn’t find anyone else asking my specific question.

    I have been on the 80/20 triathlon plan (Oly, L2) on TP and am loving it. I live in Phoenix and it is starting to get unbearable to ride outside so I just got myself a Wahoo trainer. I have linked TP up with Zwift but I cannot see my planned workouts in Zwift.

    My plan is a run pace & bike HR, is this why I can’t see my bike workouts on Zwift? I don’t have a power meter for my bike when riding outside, so I hesitate to request to change my plan to a bike power plan. Does this mean I’ll just need to continue using the Garmin watch to track my workouts and manually delete all the duplicate workout posts across Stava, TP, etc.?


    David Warden


    Thanks for posting. Yes, Zwift requires the bike workouts to be in Power to sync with Zwift, so you would need the Pace and Power plan.

    A not-elegant but acceptable solution would be to load the Pace and Power plan as your primary plan, then load the Pace and Bike HR plan for exactly a year away (or a date where the two plans don’t overlap). Then, on the rare days when you can ride outside, you’ll grab the HR version of the same workout in the future plan and use that one instead.

    Our 80/20 Subscriptions provide the best solution for this, as you get access to the complete 80/20 Workouts Library directly within TP and can drag and drop any given workout in any given format (Pace, Power or HR) onto your calendar. But, my first recommendation will work just fine for free!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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