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Bike intervals outside… tips please

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    I have done years of interval training inside on my KICKR. Anyone have tips for how to take a bike workout with intervals and do it outside on the road? Thoughts on how you take an interval workout and then decide where to ride it? Thoughts on how you do the workout while you are on the bike, what metrics you are watching besides the interval metric (in my case power) and remaining time in the interval? I’d love to hear from anyone who has pro tips on executing interval workouts on the roads. Thanks!


    Hi. I’m about 12 weeks into the IM level 2 plan. I have found loading bike workouts onto my Garmin 810 are to ridged for real world riding. For complex workouts I write the workout on a note and stick it to my stem. I focus on keeping power as close to Z1 or 2 as prescribed even on climbs as in IM I try to keep power In Z2 or LZx. I ride to where I can execute the interval distances. So my ride longer to get to the clear roads that have no intersections/light, or pick a Crit style route with right turns and do my intervals. I then ride home. Usually my rides are a bit longer than prescribed but I do the extra distance Z1/LZ2 as best I can. Hope that helps.


    This is very helpful. Thanks, @sheaton.

    I welcome any other suggestions from folks.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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