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bike power or HR?

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    helo 🙂 I just did my first training peaks workout on Zwift , I’m doing the run hr bike power iron plan 2. I followed the wattage recommended but my heart rate got really high. up to a high zone 3 range when its supposed to be a zone 2 workout. Am I doing it right? should I focus on the watts and not my heart rate when biking with this training plan?
    Thank you for any help
    kind regards


    Hi Christian,
    Do you have your power zones set up in Training peaks and do they match zwift? Make sure your FTP is set correctly so you are staying in the right zones. Zwift uses the zones from the structured workouts but it bases the power numbers on your Zwift FTP. At first you may find you are little off, so I would use a combindation of watching your HR, and if it’s getting too high you can use your companion app to offset the watts a little to see if you can get back into the right feeling zone.
    Hope thats helpful.


    thanks, very helpful 🙂 merry Christmas and best wishes
    kind regards

    David Warden

    You may also find this section from our Getting Started guide at helpful:

    Q: My pace (or power) and heart rate zones don’t line up. For example, when I’m in Zone 2 for pace I’m in Zone X for heart rate.

    A: This issue is usually resolved by ensuring that you use one field test to capture the threshold of multiple intensity types as outlined in the documents Intensity Guidelines for Running or Intensity Guidelines for Triathlon. By measuring Pace, Power, and/or HR in a single test, the three intensity types may align. However, due to the inconsistent nature of heart rate, it is normal for a given output to result in a different heart rate on a subsequent day. This is a normal phenomenon when using heart rate.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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