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Blog Clarification. Long Runs

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    Hey Guys,

    This weekend I did a 15 mile climb of MT Timp in 5 hours 7 mins. After reading this article, is 35 miles = to 5 hours of training.

    At What Point Do Long Runs Transition from Training to Punishment?

    Im a little confused if they are equal, as in don’t run longer than 5 hours or 35 miles, whatever comes first.

    Thank you,

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Hi Scotty,

    Great workout! That will give a nice boost to your fitness. “Whichever comes first” means just that. In this case, 5 hours came first so you did right by stopping there. Only the fastest runners are capable of covering 35+ miles in 5 hours, especially on challenging terrain, so the mileage limit is relevant only to them.

    Coach Matt


    Hey Matt,

    Thank you!

    As a follow up. A buddy and I are running Kings Peak this weekend. It looks like it will take 6-7 hours. I am three weeks out from my next race and have a scheduled 5 hour long run, 10 total training hours this week.

    Would you cut back on the weekly runs or keep those and just go longer.

    Thank you Matt.

    Matt Fitzgerald

    You can leave the other workouts as they are. Next week you might need to go lighter based on your recovery. No need to plan a cutback–just listen to your body and take an extra rest/light day if your need it.


    Great! Thank you Matt

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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